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We have one goal: to enhance life with color while respecting the world we live in.

We believe in the power of harmonic thought. In the idea that color and matter are fundamental instruments in making our surroundings more beautiful, and in transforming the environment in which each of us continues to exist.

Every day we search for new finishes, innovative solutions, and unique, creative paths.

And we do it according to our principles of responsible production and environmental sustainability, inspired by the concept of color sensitive to art, to mankind, to history, to the environment.

Our vision is the future.

About us

about us

We want to tell you who we are, because, since 1984, we have walked, and at times run, to anticipate your needs, the needs of the market, and those of designers.
Because we had already chosen to operate according to a sustainable blueprint long before there were laws regarding environmental protection.

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Our background

Enthusiasm and passion.

Environmental sustainability

Pioneers of the environment.

Oikos Ethic

Beware of the man.

A safe factory

High safety standards

the art of research

For us, research means technological development and scientific progress, but also the ability to marry the old with the new, recovering tradition while moving towards the future.

Research at Oikos is not just a slogan – it means having the most advanced laboratories, studying the latest technologies, implementing continuous experimentation.

Green Materials

We don’t limit ourselves to pretty phrases. Sustainability begins in our factory, and in each one of our products.

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Sustainable products

How does one create new materials that are capable of protecting the health of those who use and produce them?

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The search for sensitive color

Over the years, we often asked ourselves what the real meaning of our work was.

Us, as creators of paint, of colors that become matter, that redefine space, that transform existence.

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The idea factory

The idea factory

"By artists I mean all those who feel the urge, the need, to experience life and to grow." (Hermann Hesse)

Our gaze is fixed ahead, looking towards the future. That which we have already achieved is not enough.

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"Il Salvambiente"

Saving the environment

Creativity and image

Avant-garde image and communication.


Volatile Organic Compounds measurer

Green Games

Protecting the environment is cool and fun.

The oikos factory

The oikos factory

A web of ideas, evocative spaces and people hard at work.

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Organizational structure

It’s not enough to simply produce.

Team oikos: working together

Oikos is the factory, "Oikos spaces" the vendors.


You can count on us.


Respect for all provisions of the law

The oikos universe

We’ve built a network capable of spreading Oikos’ message throughout Italy and outside its borders.

We started with a small piece of provincial Italy, and today we are present in the principle markets of the world.

Territorial network

Oikos products must be seen, experimented with, touched.

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International network

Oikos does business all over the world.

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The Oikos showroom

The Oikos Showroom is a space with different identities, a space in which one can find products on display, test their quality, and be trained in their uses; designers can work with our technicians to create tailor-made solutions.

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Oikos art as a profession

To embellish, to improve, to reinvent, to hide, to underscore, to reveal.

Decoration often exists as a concrete practice, but it is symbolic as well: it interacts with surfaces, spaces, the environments in which man leaves his mark.

The evolution of technique

We believe our only limitation is the end of inspiration.

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Master decorators

The artisan decorator is an antique profession that has always been highly esteemed.

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The enchantment of vision

The art of interior design evolved from the lavishness of the Roman Empire and, passing through the Italian Renaissance, was handed down generation after generation until present day by artisan maestros and decorators.

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Knowledge is evolution

Knowledge is evolution

Nothing can be learned forever. No technique, no mastery, no know-how, can be considered complete, absolute, definitive.

Here at Oikos, we believe in the possibility of constant improvement through study, knowledge, exchanging information, technique, and capability.

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Show Room

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Administrative Headquarters and Production

Via Cherubini 2

47043 Gatteo Mare (FC)


+39 0547 681412

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Spazio Oikos Gatteo

Via Cherubini 2

47043 Gatteo Mare FC


+39 0547 681412

Fax +39 0547 681430


Spazio Oikos Milano

Via Ingegnoli, 28 c

20093 Cologno Monzese MI


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Oikos BtoB Milano

Via Fiori Chiari, 24
Zona Brera MI

Spazio Oikos Roma

Via Chiesina Uzzanese, 1

località Settebagni RM

altezza V. Salaria
Km 15,300


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Spazio Oikos Torino

Corso Svizzera 185

10100 Torino TO


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Spazio Oikos London

250, Brompton Road

London, SW3 2AS

Spazio Oikos Moscow

Artplay, Nijnyaya

Syromyatniceskaya, 10

3rd Building, 3rd Floor